1. Batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors for energy conversion, production and storage
  2. Electroanalysis, sensors, microelectrodes, electrochemical methods for traces analysis, electrochemical separations
  3. Electrochemistry and light: photoelectrochemistry, electrochemiluminescence, electrochromism and photovoltaics
  4. Molecular electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
  5. Electrochemical engineering: industrial processes, metallurgy, processes of disposal/recycling and remediation. Aspects of sustainability, environmental implications, decarbonisation
  6. Surface treatments: electroplating, anticorrosion coating, jewellery
  7. Spectroelectrochemistry, physical electrochemistry and imaging: in-situ, in-operando, multiscale/multitechnique investigation of electrochemical systems
  8. Bioelectrochemistry and related devices (biosensors, bioreactors and biopiles)
  9. Theoretical aspects, modelling, trends and perspectives of electrochemistry
  10. Organic/inorganic electrosynthesis and preparative electrochemistry
  11. Materials for electrochemistry: nanomaterials, soft matter, hybrid systems